What happens if you have a negative balance at Bet365

VAR is a controversial subject for many, some think it ruins the game, others think it’s great. From a betting point of view, it can wreak havoc on your bets. That goal that went in to win your overs bet subsequently gets disallowed and end up losing? Pain. If you are on unders, though, joy. Its all part of the betting experience.

There are times though when the bookmaker pays out really fast in running and doesn’t settle everything up until after the game. Bet365 is famous for this. They payout very quickly and are quite slow to claw back the money. Some bettors withdraw the funds back to their bank account.

If you search Reddit, you will see stories about how some people have been paid out. They have withdrawn and their balances subsequently turn negative. I am guessing the result depends on two things.

1) The amount. If it’s a small amount, then I doubt they’ll be too bothered.
2) How profitable you are to them.

If the amount is small and you are a recreational punter who has long-term negative EV, they will reset your balance to Zero and you can carry on betting. Bittersweet that is. You will get an email saying as a gesture of goodwill, we are resetting your balance to zero so you can carry on betting.

For others, they will stop you from betting until you repay the amount.

Other bookmakers will deal with things differently. Some will just cancel the withdrawal and you won’t get your money. The thing with Bet365 is they are so fast in paying out, they make more mistakes than other bookies.

Overall Bet365 is the best bookmaker for your average punter. Have you a look at our Bet365 Full Review.

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