November 28th, 2022 – Daily Betting Tips

South Korea vs Ghana

I am betting over 2 goals to be scored here, I think both these teams need to play on the front foot if they are to get out of their group, South Korea know a point with Portugal on the horizon really is not of a lot of use, they need to win, Ghana lost their opener but looked better going forward than defending they also know a point is not a lot of use, a win here would mean they may only need a point against Uruguay to get a spot in the last 16. South Korea games are low scoring but I think this match may be different with both teams needing a win.

Over 2 Goals scored min odds 1.92

Brazil vs Switzerland

I am betting under 2.5 goals scored, Brazil will be without their key man Neymar who is out through injury and they will face a Swiss side who will sit in and try and defend and get something on the counter attack. Brazil defence is brilliant, they concede very little and only conceded 5 goals in the qualification process, I think it all points towards Brazil winning this game 1-0 or 2-0. I believe given that both sides are so good defensively and given that a point would be a huge result for the Swiss and not the end of the world for the Brazilians with Cameroon to come, under 2.5 goals is too big a line and betting the under.

Under 2.5 Goals scored min odds 1.90

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