November 21st, 2021 – Premier League Asian Handicap Tips

Manchester City vs Everton

I am betting Under 3.25 goals here, City look to be without a number of their attacking talents including ultra-key player Kevin De Bruyne who is isolating at the moment. There are doubts over Bernardo Silva, Phil Folden and Jack Grealish who is almost certain to miss out. They should have way too much for Everton and I can’t even see Everton even troubling them too much and it feels like Everton will come and try and limit the damage because they’re missing players too, I think this game ends to 2-0 or 3-0 to City so betting the under 3.25 goals.

Under 3.25 Goals scored min odds 1.80

Tottenham Hotspurs vs Leeds Utd

I think Spurs are really short for this match in terms of their odds, they have played 2 matches since Conte has come in as their manager and they have not impressed in either but the betting market has moved as if Conte has already improved Spurs by about a quarter of a goal. I am not saying Conte has not improved Spurs but if if he has it is very marginal or I am not saying Conte will not improve Spurs a loteither but he has not improved them by as much as what the betting markets are telling us he has at this moment in time. Leeds have got a number of players back from Injury of late namely Diego Llorente and Raphinha and +0.75 against a Tottenham team who are 19th of 20 for expected goals in the Premier league seems like a very generous line indeed and one I can’t ignore. I am also betting the under 2.75 goals, Tottenham’s games have averaged just 2.27 goals per game while Leeds’s games are averaging 2.64, so this for me is another indication the line of 2.75 is on the high side. It also makes sense to bet the under if the underdog is value and with the numbers backing this up, so I am also betting Under 2.75 goals scored as well as Leeds +0.75.

Leeds Utd +0.75 min odds 1.96
Under 2.75 Goals scored min odds 1.88

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