Here are some useful links for betting.

Live Scores

Flash Score – my favourite. App shows odds and stats for most games.

Sofa Score another great app. Has pressure graphs and live chat. Its quite funny at times but mainly just people wanting a goal or the game to end.

In running statistics

Statistics Sport – gives you all the in-running stats from the exact same place as Bet365 get it. All in one handy table.

Odds Comparison

Oddschecker – the best odds comparison site for most. Blue are steamers and pink are drifters. Very important to see which way the market is going.

Oddsportal – another great odds comparison site. Has many more bookies but if you are going to bet for a living, you are going to have to go to the Asian Bookie or Exchange so the number of bookies is not that relevant.


There are 4 main betting exchanges

Betfair – the first and best one.

Smarkets – a good contender. Be thankful for them forcing Betfair to change their commission model.

BetDaq – not really used but have some offers.

Matchbook Can be found on some Asian broker sites. Spreads aren’t as tight as Betfair so I don’t use them directly.


Bet365 – the best sportsbook. Shame they will limit you if you win too much but it’s a good one to have for fun. I still use them even though I’m limited.

Asian Brokers

Vodds range of Asian bookies including Pinnacle, Matchbook and Betfair.

Sportmarket – Mollybet Asian broker. Has matchbook exchange on it.

Premium Tradings – another Mollybet Asian Broker with high limits.

Asianconnect88 The place to get your Asianodd88 account.

BetinAsia – I’ve not got an account but appears to have most exchanges. Betfair, BetDaq and Matchbook.


Business of Betting – really good podcast focusing on the business of betting. Some great interviews with professional gamblers.

Other Betting Podcasts Podcasts come and go so rather than a list, best off just searching for recent ones.


Infogol – great site about xG. Generates value bets automatically. Used to have a great podcast too but seemed to have stopped.

538 – Models major European leagues.

Sub Reddits

Soccer betting – some decent picks in the daily thread.

Sportsbook – look at bet of the day and they have a very active discord server.


Lots of Telegram betting groups. Most are just noise.

Value odds club is good though, website is here

Legacy Links

If you once had a link on the site and want your link added back up, please leave a comment. During the redesign, the old links got left off. Also, if you have a football betting resources, let us know in the comments and I will add them.

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