In Running

In running betting has really taken off in recent years. With almost all games televised its opened up a huge possibility for in-running betting. You don’t even need to watch the game as most bookies and live score sites give detailed stats on how the game is going.

In running is potentially a better proposition as you have all the information pre-game which goes into the odds as well as live data from the game.

The best sources for data on games are the

Sofascore, This shows attacking momentum graphs, for example in the community shield, they show this. Its quite handy to see how momentum changes during a game.

Fotmob, This shows free xG for major leagues. This differs a bit from the infogol site that also gives xG too.

Bet365 provide a range of statistics in running.

You can sometimes get an edge by looking at the stats that Bet365 show.

Paid tool.

Now what if I told you that there is a way to get all that Bet365 data in to a spreadsheet and run alerts on it? Statistics sport have done just that. Basically, they have licenced the same data Bet365 have and display it all in one handy spreadsheet like interface. No more manually looking at all the stats to pick a game.

The video below explains all the features.

Today we’re going to teach you about statistics sports has to offer. First off, why don’t we start with the all mighty dashboard. Right here we have all the necessary data in the most straightforward possible manner, making it easy to not only access the games, the teams and leagues, but you can also access them with different play odds, different in play data, and different betting lines. At first, which you may be thinking as it looks just like I’m looking at any other bookmaker site. That’s where you’re wrong, I’m going to show you that in great detail features.

Starting with the filtering and sorting options you can find on the dashboard. This will amaze you. Okay, here you can instantly see the games, which are in the first half a moment in which games have been sorted out to second half, easily with this filter you can compare game stats within 10, 15 to 20 minutes, brackets, or elemental statistics.

We also offer some quick customised filters that we’ve been asked for by a lot of our long term customers, for example, show me the games, where only the score was even. My favourite ability on the dashboard is being able to sort the games, according to different statistics you know whether there may be the amount of goals, who was leading at the time or any sort of stat you can think of and we can sort it by.

The second key feature of the dashboard itself is the settings, part of it, you can switch on and on different live panels on the line panels you can change the order of these on the dashboard. It allows you to take control of the information that you’re, you’re taking in, and you can control how you use it daily, and you can always change it on the fly so it fits your needs in the moment.

The third key feature is the access to free game data. Let’s add a game into favourite and move to the game page. There’s a lot of different filters you can use for quick pre game data, right. You can check the different results, obviously have different leagues. You can compare the Home and Away teams, mutual matches that they’ve already done, and against other mutual opponents. That way you can almost see how those two will stack up against each other but also see how they compare to who else in the league, and that way you know if you got a hunch, you can to try to confirm that early on.

So we’re just scrolling here with the moving sliders, you can compare how the teams have performed during the game, and how it’s going so far. Here we have the odds table. The pregame, the inplay odds and the lines with timestamps. If you click here you can change the market.

There’s also a lot of different pre game statistics which won’t find anywhere else, like how many shots per team A to actually score a goal. How many different attack or attack types have taken for team, A to score or say how many corners, it took for Team A is what really, we’re breaking it down in a way that every single action in the game is a data points.

That way, you know, a team A has a large history of always taking corners and then scoring its something you can pick up before it happened that way once you see it happening, you can say this is happening like right now.

We’re looking into the future, predict the future, hopefully, we can try to with Statistic Sport. Let’s move on to my absolute favourite feature of statistics sports, it’s the notification creator or a betting model creator. This tool allows you to create your own betting strategies using an enormous database of already finished, games, and then after that, Once your backtested you can fine tune to see if the model with a little bit of tweaking, or how you can make the model better successfully.

I’ll use my notification as example, I’ll show you how easy it is to create and applying two day notification or setting model to make it profitable. Here I’m going to choose some bigger Football League so they’re easier to find in my bookmaker, you can create your own list and run back tests, and I want to explain why this is so good, because there’s no other service currently on the market that allows you to run a back test for 1000s of matches across hundreds of leagues, different teams, and you can be specific for say, all the teams in Western Australia, all the teams in the Czech Republic, or you can do every team in the world.

It’s not the best model, but I think you get my point here, how good this service really is. So we’re lookng here at the league list, when you’re making a notification or betting model, all your time frames can be set to whatever you want, but I’m gonna have mine set for 56 minutes of this sample. The reason is that I’m looking for Games right now that have already scored a goal, and the team’s behind are looking for a new goal. Now two things will happen, I hope, either the team behind scores the goal, and they have plenty of time for the team behind some it’s many players into the attacks, and now they have to concede one another.

As you can see I have the tool to show me right now, the goal line odds, and I want us to be precise on over the goal line. There’s a tonne, and I mean a literal boatload of different combinations you can make for these pre game odds, and the line of play data in play, odds, lines, and you can really make this your own unique, personalised betting model, not to mention this, this is just one notification right I want to stress this, this is one notification. You can make independent notifications for any variable that you see as profitable. That’s the thing, variation is profitability in this like the stock market is crazy bitcoins going up you wish you bought it earlier, but you can’t read the future, you can’t see it, you didn’t know Bitcoin was gonna happen, but now this is a Bitcoin of football.

We’re going off track here, but we’re really in a vacuum where we really get back in, we’re going to talk about this, profitability, so time period as well. You can create rules based on pre game current data, for example, you can have a set so that there’s like the last 15 minutes of monumental shots. There is a difference in odds so sometimes you want to make your bet based upon pure statistical odds are based on odds of other people betting.

You never know. I think the industry right now there’s a lot of variations you can chose from on the events. You have the option for goals, corners, attack, ball possession and cards. There’s a lot of different options to choose from in this notification, and you can really pick out what you’re looking for in the match, as well as you look at different teams and markets, whether it’s a home or away team, the team that the more goal, the team was that’s got the best combined statistics are like mix and match that equation here, I went with the selected team, more than the other, but the difference is not more than.

So, for the value you can either use the sum or the percentage sample rules here teams need to have more goals than the oppponents and the difference cannot be more than 2. Once you’re happy with the notifications rules, you can click save and go back to your notifications. It’s really the backtest feature that separates the men from the boys at this time. It’s an absolute game changer in my opinion, right, and I’m gonna show you why.

Instead of testing your model for months on end going forward, back testing allows you to test your model against previously completed matches to get instant results to know whether or not if your model works or not and where you need to fine tweak it. For the platinum package owners, your model is actually tested against 15,000 games over the last two years, and you can see all of that added up into the back test spreadsheet. After the back test is finished, we’re going to open up the back test spreadsheet right here, and we’re going to change the dates for the starting point of the back test results. Now let’s search for the notification I had back tested a few days ago I’m just going to click over here. And let’s see how that went.

Nice results already quite happy with you so far. Let’s see if we can go ahead and find the leagues filter. As you can see right here there’s some leagues for the notification when the betting model isn’t working so good so we’re just gonna go ahead and remove these leagues from the future notifications in the notification manager, we can store almost all the categories you can think of right from leagues to odds, to game time, everything. This helps us find the exact criteria that we need to make this model, or notification as profitable as possible. So by just removing these three leagues, we actually changed our possible profit. We went from a yield of about 7% to 10%. I know it doesn’t sound like a lot, but there’s actually the difference from €15000 to €18000,

I think you’re getting the point here, I can chat all day about how great statistics sport is, all you got to do is create a notification and run into the back test and then modify and find the most profitable model possible by using the back test, and the back test spreadsheet, by tweaking, over and over and over, after the modification. You can just go ahead and delete the back test.

Why run it again. Run it again, run it against what you’re doing and you’re just slowly tweaking it until you find the most profitable model possible. With this fantastic tool, you also get access to the mobile app. The app has all the necessary information about the game, maybe even to create a notification for adjusting your notification on the go, and in my personal opinion, the app is definitely worth the money.

You can also go ahead and click on the help centre the top of the menu appears and you can scroll down and show the themes I noticed there’s been a lot of information thrown into a couple of minutes. That’s why we also have a help centre for all users in the help centre, you’ll be able to find tutorials on how to use the spreadsheet, how to make and manage notifications, as well as how to best view the dashboard and understand whats going on. And if you have any further questions please ask us and we hope you have a wonderful day.

You can sign up for Statistics sport here use code KLSBET for 5% off.