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Online Bingo - make friends, chat, from home

What do office workers, stay at home mums, businessmen and A-List celebrities have in common?

The answer is online bingo!

Believe it or not, web bingo is as popular as going to Premier League Football matches - and it's definitely more affordable and is guaranteed to never let you down or leave you feeling blue. In fact, as more and more people increase their internet leisure time, web bingo is predicted to be the beginning of the end for traditional bingo parlours - it's time to go digital with your bingo!

Why Play Online Bingo?

Bingo has always been a game of sheer fun - the simple things in life are best, and matching off random numbers on a card delivers an intrinsically enjoyable experience that seems to warm the heart of anyone who plays. That's why bingo's popularity is growing everywhere on the web!

However, the chance to instantly chat and banter away to your heart's content is the big key to the bingo boom. Everyone loves chatting online.... and when you can do it while playing the world's favourite lotto game - you have a recipe for success. If you start playing online bingo - be warned that you're sure to make countless new friends and want to log-on daily to keep up with the forum gossip and natter to your mates!

Fortunately, bingo bosses know how fun online bingo is - and that's why they've made it really affordable... from as little as 5p per game! Realistically - you can join in the fun and catch up with the gossip with a very low weekly gaming budget. If you play frequently, you'll even gain free access to bonus forum games! Of course, with the chance to strike regular bingo wins, things can get even better!

The web delivers the chance to enjoy basic 90 Ball Bingo (with 3 basic win levels), or be a little daring and experience the randomised magic of 75 Ball American Bingo. In addition, some leading bingo parlours contain special Progressive Jackpot Bingo Games - linking up hundreds of bingo players to play for prize pools that can exceed 1 million!

If you're like most online gamers - you'll also love the themed games available at cutting-edge bingo venues, delivering stunning graphics and frequent new releases to stimulate your senses.

How big are bingo bonuses?

Bingo bonuses aren't huge - but remember because they tickets are so cheap... a little can go a long way and give you hours of free gaming (more than enough to possibly land a few wins and decide whether you've found a bingo site you love). Make sure you register at a bingo parlour that gives away a genuine and free no-deposit bingo bank (meaning the bingo website are actually giving you the money with no-risk or obligation).

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