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Betting Articles

Handicap Draw in Football Explained
There are two main types of handicaps in football. The main one is the 1X2 handicap (sometimes called European Handicap) and the other increasingly popular one is the Asian Handicap.

Unders/ Overs (2.5) Betting in Football on Betfair
The unders/ overs market is best played on Betfair that at your traditional bookmaker. Not only are the odds better but you can sometimes trade in running. This allows you to lock in your profit without taking a hit on the bookie over round. Ed Nicholson writes about betting on goals and gives some tips for selecting a winner.

Forex Betting
The foreign exchange market (Forex) is world's largest financial market, with an estimate daily turnover of $3.2 trillion in April 2007. Since then, the market has continued to grow. According to Euromoney's annual FX Poll, volumes grew a further 41% between 2007 and 2008.

Non-League Football betting
Betting on non-league football can be a gold mine. Its one of the few times the punter knows more than the bookmaker.

Scorecast Betting
An introduction to scorecasts.

Online Bingo - make friends, chat, from home
What do office workers, stay at home mums, businessmen and A-List celebrities have in common?

The answer is online bingo!

Odds and Probabilities, The Monty Hall Problem and The Hole-In-One Gang
Recognising Value - the Key to Gaining a Betting Edge. Read about the Monty Hall problem and the Hole in 1 gang.

England's bid to host the 2018 World Cup Finals.
England's bid to host the 2018 World Cup Finals.

Home advantage in Football
One look at last season's English Premier League table will tell you that home teams scored more goals than visiting teams (552 v 349). In fact, ever since the English Football Association formed the first ever football league in 1888, it has always been that way. QED - home teams enjoy a natural advantage over away teams.

Football Betting 'How To' - Correct score betting
Correct score betting is notoriously difficult to predict, but you should use science to get it right. Here, Frederick Steiner explains how mathematics can bring you a winning formula.

Oscars 2007 odds

Champions League Outrights
A look at the Champions League 2006/2007 Outrights.

FA England Fans Player Of The Year 2006
An guide to FA England Fans Player of the year.

Guide To Odds Pricing
Ever wondered who sets the odds when you place a bet, and how they do it? An odds compiler, who wishes to remain anonymous, reveals all…

An Introduction to Asian Handicaps.
Confused about when I talk about Asian Handicaps? Here's a primer.

A betting system that works.
A betting system which is based on predicting the draw. Its so simple anyone can follow it.

Betting Glossary
A guide to common football betting terms.

When Asian Handicap and 3 way betting markets meet Part 1
A discussion about the 0.5 Asian Handicap and the 1X2 market

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